This is a work in progress of my current project, Mazekin.

Mazekin is a pixel-art procedural dungeon crawler RPG, you will be able to create and customize your own character, and slay monsters through various kinds of dungeons. With time you will gain gold, experience, items, and magic powers to make your character unbeatable!

The project has a very much larger scope in my mind, but as it is right now is a starting beta version, where the basic mechanics are there (some are still to be implemented), and there is only one kind of dungeon (Orcs). I'm actively working on it, and hopefully this, along with other projects, will be a good substitute to my dayjob.

Hope you can have a fun time playing it, while I create more content! Feel free to leave whatever criticism comes to your mind, I'm here to make the game better for you!


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At the first play it seemed a bit hard to me :) BTW i found this game from a tileset page

I'm trying to adjust the difficulty as the player levels up, it's tricky! You can try again the new version maybe, and let me know which enemies you feel like too hard, or too easy!

Thank you for your feedback!